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About us

Audit Partner OÜ is an audit company that was established in 1999. Our goal is to provide our clients with a quality and friendly service in auditing, accounting administration, financial management and tax advising.

Inge Palgi

Inge has a 19-year experience in the area of corporate auditing, corporate accounting organisation and corporate financial management. She has previously worked as an auditor and financial manager in different international companies, and from 1999 she is the CEO of Audit Partner OÜ.
Inge graduated from the University of Tartu’s Faculty of Economics. Inge is an Estonian certified public accountant since 1999.

Evelin Tints

Evelin has 13 years of experience in taxation and accounting. She has worked for the Tax and Customs Board as well as in the private sector- as a tax consultant in an international audit office. Evelin’s job is to audit companies and give taxation advice to clients.
Evelin has a degree in applied sciences, specialising in taxation, from Tallinn School of Economics.


Birgit Suurhans

Birgit works in our company as an auditor’s assistant. She contributes to auditing projects and to the coordination of activities concerning a company’s personnel and clients.
Birgit has a degree in information technology from Tallinn School of Economics and another in andragogy from Tallinn University.


Inese Pärnamaa

Over the last 14 years Inese has proved herself as a highly qualified average accountant as well as chief accountant having been connected with companies engaged in the following areas of activity: food industry, catering, animal husbandry and crop farming, production, construction, information technology, commerce, publishing, design. Inese has worked in banking as a consultant and servicing employee.
Inese is about to complete her business finance studies at Tallinn University of Technology’s Tallinn School of Economics and Business Administration.